Welcome to Sugarloaf!


Apparel Orders:
The Apparel Order Form is now available and we will be accepting orders until June 11th. Check out the old favorites and New additions here!

First Day of Camp Registration:
We are going to try something new this year! To help make parking and check-in a smooth process, please see the list below and arrive during your scheduled time on the first day of camp:

1:00pm: Theater Majors
1:15pm: Session 1 - Symphonic Band Majors only &
              those auditioning to be in Symphonic Band
              Session 2 - Dance Majors only
1:30pm: Campers with last names S-Z
1:50pm: Campers with last names A-G
2:20pm: Campers with last names H-R

  • Families who have one child in Theater or Symphonic Band and another in a different major can check both children in at the earlier time.
  • Families who carpool can check-in at the time assigned to the parent dropping the children off.
  • Any families who cannot check in at the assigned time should send a message to sugarloaf@edcoe.org to organise a suitable check-in time.

Please Note: Camper bunks will be assigned at random at the initial cabin meetings so there is no need to arrive early.

Thank you for your cooperation with this new
First Day schedule!

Sugarloaf is a fine arts camp in the Sierra Nevada mountains, offering a lifetime of friends and education in music, art, drama, photography, video and dance.
Sugarloaf Fine Arts Camp brings a unique camp experience to the students of El Dorado County. The week-long sessions provide a supportive environment for campers to expand their fine arts skills and to experiment with new ones. The camp location, in the pines of the Sierra Nevada Mountains at an altitude of 3,600 feet allows campers to breathe fresh air while escaping from the hustle, bustle and technology of daily living.
The camper's week focuses on their specialty major and an elective of their choice and includes a daily recreation period and nightly campfire program. Sugarloaf is an overnight camp that runs Sunday to Saturday for both of the two sessions. The staff includes many El Dorado County teachers and many Sugarloaf alumni.
To be eligible, students will need to have completed fifth grade and not yet completed twelfth grade by July of the year of camp.
Sugarloaf Fine Arts Camp is administered by the El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE). Priority for enrollment is given to El Dorado County students with out-of-county applicants also eligible. Sugarloaf Fine Arts Camp takes place at the beautiful Sly Park Environmental Education Center in Pollock Pines, California.